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Volunteer Andrew

Meet Andrew James

Hello, I'm Andrew. I always feel awkward at self-introduction but here we go! I present The Saturday Warm Up here on Maidstone Radio, every Saturday (obviously) from 4 - 7pm. I like to play music which I think will get you in a feel good mood, whether you're getting ready for a night out in town or just and listening for some company, I will have a song for you! Okay, enough of the cheesy 'sales' pitch! But it would be great if you could tune in!

Why volunteer for Maidstone Radio?

I like to entertain people, make people laugh and smile. I’ve always wanted to become a radio presenter but things in life got in the way and, you might find this hard to believe, I lack in self confidence. When I joined Maidstone Radio it was a big jump for me but I’ve never looked back. I have met some great people, helped build this website and have gained a lot more confidence.

Who is your hero?

Ronald McDonald, he has given me many years of happiness and solved all my starvation issues at a reasonable price! Other fast food outlets are available.

You are hosting a dinner party and must invite 3 famous people. Who would you choose and why?

1. The Queen – She is a legend.
2. Derren Brown – He’s a legend.
3. Fred Dinage – I want to ask him who dyes his hair.. it bothers me when I see him on Meridian News.

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