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Volunteer Andy

Meet Andy Schooledge

I’m technically a dog trainer but I’ve managed and presented on student radio so I guess this is the same but with less Snakebite and black! I love all sorts of music including (but not limited to) Country, Soul, Dance, Indie, Rock and the occasional pop guilty pleasure (Steps).

Why volunteer for Maidstone Radio?

I want to highlight the brilliant people in and around Maidstone, whether that’s through engaging in a show or us doing something to show how brilliant they are. I want in!

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself?

I was an extra on the Basil Brush Show. I used to work for Disney Cruise Line. I have an electric scooter that I can’t scoot anywhere because that would be illegal.

If there was a film made about your life, what famous person would play you, and what would the film be called?

To play me I guess it would be James Corden because he’s in everything! The film would be called Farleigh Boys. It would have to be a Musical with the music of 911 and Boyzone.

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