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Volunteer Cassie

Meet Cassie Beckley

Hi I'm Cassie, I present The Sunday Brunch show on Maidstone Radio. I enjoy reading web and small press comics, art by Louise Bourgeois, Tik Tok and memes. I also love Monkey Island or any point and click Lucas Arts games and Holly Black books. I am openly obsessive about David Bowie. I love travelling (when I can afford it) and going to gigs, particularly guilty pleasure bands... Most recently ‘The Rasmus’.

Why volunteer for Maidstone Radio?

It’s rare that an opportunity to be creative, learn new skills and meet people with similar interests arises, so of course, when I read about Maidstone Radio looking for volunteers, I jumped on it! How could I not?

What music do you like?

Short answer, wide variety. A little bit of everything. Though I tend towards rock, glam and alternative. Particularly, I ADORE David Bowie. I also like Madness, Kate Bush, Muse, Anna Calvi, Fall Out Boy, The Who, Rolling Stones, most stuff with Jack White… The list goes on.

If you cold have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Ability to absorb skills from other people (without removing it from them) so I could learn anything I wanted.

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