What We Do
We believe that everyone has the right to live their lives to the fullest of their potential. We will work together to raise expectations within the Down’s syndrome community and to empower those around us to promote inclusion and achieve aspirations.

With raised expectations and empowered voices, anything is possible.

We are going to provide a range of training aimed at both parents and professionals. The training will cover many areas including but not restricted to SEN law, education, therapies, social/behaviour approaches, independent living and transition to adulthood.

Education and Awareness
We are working with Canterbury Christchurch University to run education sessions with undergraduate midwives. We are now moving on to participate with a collaborative module between all health and social care students. We will be presenting about our experiences of person-centred working and team work. We hope to build on this and help provide awareness training in many settings from acute hospitals to voluntary organisations like scouting.

Our goal is to provide pertinent information on our website and link to other useful sources. This is a work in progress and we will look to build upon this as we go. We hope to provide local advice so that each family can use the experience of the community to find the best resources and build a database of useful local information.

This is potentially the most important aim of our charity. At every step our families need support. We aim to provide support to the families and carers so they can continue to support the person with Down’s syndrome to live life to the fullest of their potential.