Buttercups Goats Sanctuary in Maidstone is a haven for these gentle and charming creatures, offering them a safe and loving environment to thrive in. As one of the leading goat sanctuaries in the region, Buttercups is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating goats in need, providing them with a second chance at life. The sanctuary is situated amidst picturesque countryside, offering a serene and natural setting for the goats to roam freely and graze on lush pastures.

At Buttercups Goats Sanctuary, the welfare of the goats is of utmost importance. The dedicated staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that each goat receives the care and attention it deserves. From providing nutritious meals and veterinary care to creating enriching environments, every aspect of their well-being is meticulously looked after. Visitors to the sanctuary can not only witness the heartwarming stories of rescue and recovery but also engage in interactive experiences, such as goat feeding and grooming sessions. These opportunities allow individuals to connect with these gentle creatures, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for their unique personalities and needs.

Buttercups Goats Sanctuary also plays a crucial role in education and awareness. Through various outreach programs and events, the sanctuary strives to educate the public about goat welfare and the importance of compassionate animal care. They aim to dispel misconceptions surrounding goats and promote a more empathetic and sustainable approach towards their treatment. Whether you're an animal lover, an advocate for animal rights, or simply looking for a peaceful and educational experience, a visit to Buttercups Goats Sanctuary in Maidstone promises to be a heartwarming and enlightening experience.


Pricing/entry costs
Entrance by suggested donation of £4 per person



Facilities & Accessibility

Toilets Available
Wheelchair Accessible
On-site Restaurant/Cafe
Dogs Welcome
Wifi Available
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