Bittersweet- An Evening With Crimson

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Join us for this evening of Indie, Rock and Blues music in celebration and launch of Bittersweet the EP by Crimson, a local music artist. The evening will feature the new EP as well as performances from Tyler and The Streetlights.

Crimson is a non binary, queer festival artist from Maidstone, Kent. As a community record label we are honoured and proud to have spent this past year watching the immense growth from Crimson. We first had them on our own stage at 3G Treatment’s Redemption Festival 2022. Since then we have seen them perform at major Kent festivals and even making history performing at the very first Tonbridge Pride, as well as Hastings pride and Maidstone Fringe Festival.

This unforgettable evening also features top quality music by a local band The Streetlights. Here to play our favourite past time cover tracks to let your hair down to! Anything in the realm of rock, blues and indie they have got down! We’re really excited because we first saw The Streetlights play last year at TW Forum, Kent and they were amazing! We cant wait to be in the presence of their high energy again tearing up the dancefloor and rocking out! 

Upcoming, local artist Tyler will also be debuting live performances of new original work. This singer-songwriter brings a very raw indie-rock vibe, with an intimate lyricism thats articulates moments of vunerability and mental health. Tyler is on our list of artists to watch in 2023! With lots of unreleased work under their belt we cant wait for what this year brings them and the surprises in store for us listeners!

Doors open at 4.30pm ready for the show between 5pm-7pm. Saturday 28th January at the Maidstone Baptist Church. If you need support booking a ticket, or need to contact, please email

Start Date:  28-01-2023

End Date:  28-01-2023

Start Time:  04:30 PM

End Time:  07:00 PM


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