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Peaky Blinders 1920’s Fancy Dress night with band and a 3-course meal

Tommy’s Rainbow Charity Foundation

Tommy’s Rainbow Foundation are proud to invite you to thrilling fun filled 1920’s Peaky Blinders Fancy Dress night with band and a 3-course meal.

THE EVENT: 1920’S Live Band

Jess De Giudici – Jessica De Giudici is a blues & jazz singer of Italian American roots.

Born and raised in Italy, she has developed artistically over a decade of engagement with the Blues, from rugged busking environments through to critically acclaimed Jazz and Blues festivals inclusive of the European Jazz Expo; Porretta Soul Festival and Roots and Blues Festival to name but a few.


The cycle of mental health which has been magnified since the world has suffered from the impact of covid, Since Covid All walks of life have faced the challenge of dealing with mental health issues, Time for change! Speak up and get help!

Tommy’s Rainbow was set up in December 2020. Tommy’s Rainbow foundation grew from the personal experience one mother has had to endure and something no mother should ever have to face. Like others, Claire’s son was badly let down by the NHS mental health team dealing with her son’s case, missing clear signs for help which eventually ended with Tommy taking his own life at just 25 years old.

Claire’s mission is to bring as much awareness to mental health issues and suicide prevention as possible be this through events for raising money as well as awareness, and the guts of what we do; the valuable charity work TRT offer in speaking with mental health victims, giving them an ear and advice, getting them into therapy quicker and everything between, “If we can save just one life, and then another and then another, this is the entire goal of what we are trying to achieve, and it brings me so much joy helping one soul after another”