MADAME MUMU: Glitterbombshell of Maidstone


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Listen to Madame MuMu talk to Andy Schooledge about Glitterbomb in the Park

After a full year of going in and out of lockdowns, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Nobody is more excited about this than Maidstone’s very own Madame MuMu.

The drag sensation, originally from Zimbabwe, has managed to find a safe, happy home here in Maidstone and talks exclusively to Andy on Friday Nights.

They have a chat about all sorts. From how Madame MuMu came to be, to how a global pandemic offered a chance to examine her mental health and how to approach performing in front of a Maidstone crowd for the very first time.

She also talks about the pros and cons of being perhaps the only LGBTQIA+ figure in Maidstone and even has some advice for a 14 year old Andy who was struggling to find a community he could relate to. It might even help you too!

If that wasn’t enough, she also spills the tea about her upcoming appearance at Glitterbomb in the Park, a massive LGBTQIA+ event in Mote Park on June 25th. With appearances from Baga Chipz, Bimini Bon Boulash and reigning Drag Race UK Queen, Lawrence Chaney, Madame MuMu explains what she’ll be up to and how to deal with standing out in front of such a line up.

She also has a crack at playing Punchline. 60 seconds to correctly guess as many punch lines to jokes as she can. How does she get on? Listen to the full interview and find out.

Glitterbomb in Canterbury 2020

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