INTERVIEW: Two football fans discuss the impact of the European and how Maidstone United could be affected


Professional football has been constantly evolving over the last twenty years. The game has paid more attention to injury prevention and player well fare and has changed the game for the better in all levels of the footballing pyramid. However, with the recent European Super League scandal football has changed for the worse. Most have heard how this will affect bigger clubs in football but how will it affect clubs lower down on the footballing pyramid? 

This is what Joe Cooper asked John Jackson, Head of women and girls’ football at Maidstone United Football Club, in their recent interview. The threat of the European Super League is just as big a threat to teams lower down the footballing pyramid as it is to teams in the premier league if not more so. John explains in this interview the way Maidstone United pride themselves in being part of the community. They do this through helping develop young players by teaching them not only how to become talented footballers and how to make the most of their career but how to be good people.  

For more information on Maidstone United fixtures, both the men’s and women’s team, then head to the link below to the Maidstone United website.