Cassie chats with Eddsworld


Cassie chats with Eddsworld

Attention Eddheads! For our listeners who were (or are) regular visitors to Youtube and are possibly a little out of the loop, you will be excited to hear that Eddsworld has returned and the first Eddisode is already up!


For those of you who have never had the pleasure, Eddsworld is a swell collection of webtoons originally created by Edd Gould in 2004 about three friends (Edd, Matt and Tom) and their zany adventures. Astounding and hard to believe that someone would start to build a legacy in their teens with cartoons based on themselves and their friends becoming loved and admired across Youtube, but even harder to believe that he would tragically die at age 23 after a six year battle with cancer.

After Edd died in 2012, his friends, fans and family kept the show alive in Edd’s memory, as was his wish. Eddsworld Legacy, a series including 5 Eddisodes and 7 shorts started by Thomas Ridgewell, the namesake for the character ‘Tom’, ran from 2012 – 2016, funded by fans and raising money for cancer charities CLIC Sargent and Teenage Cancer Trust. Eddsworld continues to help charities to this day, particularly those focusing on cancer, children’s health, and the creative arts.

After Tom stepped down, it went a bit quiet… But in 2020, there was murmurings of a return and on 1 April 2021 The Beaster Bunny, first of the third generation of Eddisodes, was released! Matt Hargreaves, namesake of the character ‘Matt’ took up the mantle of showrunner and ‘Eddsworld Beyond’ began! Not only that, but there is a new short slated for release very soon and a new Eddisode due later this year…

Edd and Matt both attended the University of the Creative Arts right here in Maidstone and luckily for us, Matt agreed to come to the studio and have a chat about all things Eddsworld. The interview went out live on the Sunday Brunch show on 25 July 2021, but don’t worry, you can still listen to it here! You can also read more about Eddsworld and find links to all their socials on the official website:

Listen to the interview with Eddsworld

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