Record of the Week: 19th-25 December: ROWSIE


Our new ‘Record Of The Week’ (19th-25th) is “Christmas In Soho” by Rowsie – which you can hear being played on Maidstone Radio throughout the day.

ROWSIE are: Richard Rothenberg: vocal and guitar; Holly Henderson (from Maidstone – vocals and guitar); Alan D Boyd – bass and vocals and on drums it’s Jess ’the roller’ Rollason.

The band was created when Richard Rothenberg moved to London from New York and was looking for live music clubs he had experienced in the US.

With elements of punk rock and Americana ROWSIE write songs about political issues and personal issues with ‘Imagery-rich storytelling and pure, untethered energy drive it all home’ (OBS Music). 

ROWSIE have now released two singles and the one EP on their own Ivy RecRods label supported by live shows around the UK.

ROWSIE are finishing 2022 launching nights in conjunction with Ivy RecRods at central London’s newest club The Lower Third which is smack in the middle of the remaking of world famous Denmark Street! You can feel the history under your boots… The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and The Sex Pistols all rehearsing and recording on the street.

For more information about ROWSIE check out their website.