The Maidstone Radio Record of the Week for w/c 20th February is by the Canterbury band M.U.T.O. Their track is called “Inna Kluube”.

M.U.T.O are a disco/funk rock band made up of three ineffable beings who were secreted millions of years ago from a lava pit that would one day become Canterbury. These creatures evolved to thrive in the intense heat and radioactivity of ancient earth.

To survive in modern day Kent, they are forced to survive on the pure, focused energy produced from the primordial soup of riff- driven disco funk which infuses their every performance.

Without their influences, which range from Sly and the Family Stone to NoFX via Nick Cave and Kreeps, they may have disappeared into myth – the south east’s own Cthulu. By the strangest coincidence, the tectonic, action-man disco sounds emanating from these frightfully well-dressed, colour-coordinated beasts sends us mere humans into a breathless, gooey, joyous frenzy.

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