Record of the Week: 9-15 January: One Day Elliott


The Record of the Week for 9th – 15th January 2023 is “100 voices” by Maidstone band One Day Elliott.

One Day Elliott is a melodic rock band who draw from a broad repertoire of influences and are best described as a collection of massive, poppy choruses, enriched with thick vocal harmonies, mixed with a diverse blend of guitar-based genres; incorporating elements of classic rock, metal, punk and anything else to which they may be listening at the time.

One Day Elliott – Medicine: Live In The Living Room: Longer Sessions

The world feels like a messed up place right now, and it’s time for a change.  This is the first time we’ve been compelled to say anything political with our music, but this isn’t about hate. It’s about love and everyone standing together to make the world a better place; for us, our children and for everyone and everything we share this planet with. 

This song is probably pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it can only be a good thing if we can make any contribution, however small, to the fight against racism, homophobia, extremism, xenophobia, manipulative governments whose thoughts are only of greed, the needless destruction of the world…anything that acts as a catalyst to the dreadful things we see and hear on a daily basis. 

One Day Elliott on their song “100 voices”

To date, the band has toured in the United States, played all over the UK with the likes of Feeder, Ash, Hundred Reasons, The Blackout, Raging Speedhorn, Gary Numan, Capdown, Zebrahead, The Anti Nowhere league, The Fall, The Cooper Temple Clause, Spunge, Allister, Supergrass, Tsar and many others, and have sold about 15,000 albums along the way.