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Hello, I’m Andrew. I always feel awkward at self-introduction. I help keep our website up and running, and looking good. But if you find a broken link, it’s probably my fault! I am been volunteering with Maidstone Radio since launch date, and I’ve met lots of great people.

Getting to know me...

We asked Andrew some very random questions – you may just learn something interesting
I have met some great people, helped build this website and have gained a lot more confidence.
Ronald McDonald, he has given me many years of happiness and solved all my starvation issues at a reasonable price! Other fast food outlets are available.
Queen Elizabeth II – She was a legend, I’m gutted I never met had the chance to meet her. Derren Brown – he’s an amazing mind reader, maybe he can help me make sense of the stuff in my head! And finally… Fred Dinenage – I want to ask him who dyes his hair… he always had the best, freshest looking hair when he presented Meridian News.

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