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Born and bred in Kent, I’m a theatre enthusiast having worked in the industry since 2013, who also has a love for the radio, reading and drinking rather too much coffee in the morning (never was an early bird…).

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We asked Sam some very random questions – you may just learn something interesting
I’m left handed, I once had a FaceTime with Miriam Margolyes, I’m (sort of) related to John Sullivan, the late great writer of Only Fools and Horses. I’ve also been on an ITV 1 gameshow and… well it was a nice day out I guess.
It varies drastically from Pop to Rock via musicals, RnB and more! Generally speaking anything from 70’s to present. One second I’m loving Bon Jovi, the best I’ve got Steps playing on my headphones…
Graham Norton, Sara Cox and Tom Allen for sass, banter and humour respectively. If I’m allowed to extend and have a live band perform at the party, I’ll go with Steps!

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