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The original teenage dirt bag grew up in Maidstone, and mellowed in his old(er) age

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We asked Steve some very random questions – you may just learn something interesting
I like to be busy, and always have something on the go. Whether that’s environmentalist causes, live music, or motorsports events. I’m always doing something, or have got something planned
For many years I’ve been involved with projects that aim to bring the best national talent to Maidstone, and to promote our own local community on a national stage. Maidstone deserves a quality local radio station for all of the people who live in the county town, and I want to be involved in making it the best it can be.
I’ve always been a rocker at heart, punk and metal when I was growing up. These days I’ve definitely mellowed and my favourite artists range from The 1975 to Bowie, and Travis to The Who

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